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Hey there! My name is Taylor (you can call me Tay), and this blog will be dedicated to the wonderful DreamWorks movie and franchise, How to Train Your Dragon!

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"I should have just killed that dragon when I found him in the woods. It would have been better for everyone."


We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pin against us


"Excuse me, barmaid!"
Anonymous asked: [pt.2]Their relationship is a rough one but along with her white night fury, Peaches, they must learn to work together as one and defeat the evil that threatens both the dragons and the people of Berk. Hiccup embarks on a journey full of adventure, romance, clarity, grief, danger and challenges. They struggle through hell, but Hiccup and his friends power on and an Alpha and a hero will emerge. Thanks for doing this for me x
Anonymous asked: It's on wattpad and it's called 'Rise of the Alpha' and my account is called twd_fanfic. Please check it out! Here's some info on the story: Hiccup is the son of the Chief of Berk and has a number of responsibilities pressuring him. But while struggling with finding his true self, ruling a village is the last thing on his mind. Everything changes when he meets Tigerlily, daughter of the King of Kahli, a village far away from Berk. [pt.1]

Followers, this is a fanfic sort of-promotion. If any of you have wattpad and are looking for a HTTYD fic to read, here ya go!

(no, I will not be doing this regularly - this is a bit of a special case)


He always said you’d be the strongest of them all. And he was right.